Writing Competition

We prefer written material to be submitted as a WORD or PDF document.

Pages must be numbered.

The Writer’s name(s) should appear on the title page ONLY; not on any other page of the script.

No other information outside of name, title of work and WGA registration (if applicable) should appear on the title page. If it is based on a true story or another work, it should be noted on the title page (and appropriate rights must be attained by writer, if necessary).

We recognize that television ‘source material’ can come in a wide variety of written formats, so the only limitation is that Feature Screenplays are between 90 and 150 pages in length.

Multiple Writers/Creators are allowed, but, if the project wins an award, that award will be divided among the writers, by the writers.

Multiple entries from the same Writer/Creator are accepted, but each must have its own Entry Form & Fee.